Yoga Vestra — Your Yoga

Irene: Primary yoga teacher qualifications: two year (500 hour) advanced diploma in yoga teacher training from Yoga Therapy Ireland. Six month (60 hour) foundation certificate from Yoga Therapy Ireland. Committee member at Yoga Therapy Ireland responsible for social media.

Welcome! I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

I specialize in teaching stress-reduction yoga in the workplace. This can be arranged easily to suit the times and needs of your staff. Classes in your workplace can take place at any time that suits you. The classes I teach are accessible to everybody, regardless of age and fitness level and the atmosphere is non-competitive. The class is a healthy space where your staff and colleagues can move with ease before returning to work stretched, relaxed and restored. Please click here to arrange classes directly with me for you and/or your staff.

I also teach yoga in the Rathfarnham area. Please contact me for details.

I teach hatha yoga with a strong influence from the vinyasa flow style. My primary emphasis is on safety, and within that my main aim is to ensure that you will feel comfortable, confident, sometimes challenged and always happy throughout your class.

You are very welcome to attend Yoga Vestra classes. Yoga Vestra classes are for everybody. You don’t need any knowledge of yoga to start. You don’t need to be a particular height, width or weight to start. You don’t need to be strong and flexible to start. All you need is the willingness to learn and the desire to do something positive for yourself.

Yoga Vestra means ‘your yoga’. Yoga is a very personal practice. Any Yoga Vestra class that you attend is your yoga class. It will be your body and your feelings on the day which will dictate your practice. My role is to ensure that you stay safe and to guideĀ  you if you want to take it easy, or if you want to challenge yourself that little bit more. You will never be forced to do a pose that makes you feel nervous or scared. You should only ever work within your own comfort zone, which can differ from day to day depending on how you are feeling. There are many alternatives to all of the yoga poses so together we will always be able to find the best pose for you on any given day. You will never be asked to sit a pose out while the rest of the class progresses.

We will also dedicate some class time to yogic breathing (pranayama) and meditation. These practices are very calming for the mind and body, and as you progress you will learn to incorporate them into the physical practice. Usually, when people continue with their yoga practice for a longer time they begin to find that the breathing exercises and meditation are just as beneficial as the physical practice. At the beginning, however, most people are more interested in theĀ  physical practice, so this usually takes up the majority of the class until the time comes to gradually introduce more and more breathing and meditation.

My hope is that you will leave your class feeling glad that you have made the effort to attend, and that you will feel it was beneficial for your body and your mind.