Yoga Vestra — Your Yoga

Zoom Yoga Class Schedule: Monday 15th June to Monday 22nd June 2020

Wednesday the 17th, 5pm, 10 minutes, pranayama, no charge

Friday 1pm, 30 minutes, level 2, €5

Saturday the 20th, 11am, 30 minutes, strong core yoga, level 3, experienced yogis, €5

Saturday the 20th, 5pm, 30 minutes, level 2, focus on shoulders, €5

Sunday, 12pm, 30 minutes,  beginners/very gentle class, level 1, €5

Level 1– suitable for absolute beginners, stiff people, people who haven’t exercised in a long time. A lot of this class is on the floor. Also good for experienced yogis seeking a low key class. 

Level 2 – expect sun salutations, downward dog, some plank, standing lunges, etc., modifications will be provided throughout so that you can increase or decrease the level of challenge to suit your needs. Most people with a regular practice would prefer this level.

Level 3 – for those who like a tough physical class. Expect to move fluidly through warrior poses, balances, core plank, three legged dog, etc. Few modifications offered. You need to know what you’re doing. Allow ten minutes of your own time after class finishes for savasana, i.e.,  30 minute class plus 10 minutes savasana. 

*Payment is by PayPal to or please email me for other payment options.

*If you are participating in any of these classes already, just use the zoom link I last sent you to access any of the above classes. If you are brand new, please email me so that I can send you the zoom link.

*You participate at your own risk. Please consult a medical doctor before participating, if appropriate.